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Since 2001, GiniCorp has partnered with State Organizations, Federal Agencies, and IT Industry Leaders.  Our success is based on repeat customers business based on past performance.  Here are a few of our current and past clients.

  • HUD: The US Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • DOES: The District of Columbia's Department of Employment Services

  • MPD: The District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department

  • OCTO: The Office of the Chief Technology Officer for the District of Columbia

  • OSSE: The Office of the State Superintendent of Education for the District of Columbia

  • Perot System

  • PPD: The Philadelphia Police Department

  • UDC: The University of the District of Columbia

  • US DOJ: The US Department of Justice

  • US DOT: The US Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration

  • VA: The US Department of Veterans Affairs

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